Discover your desire and what’s holding your back from your best
sex life

discover your desire and what’s holding you back from your best sex life

You long to feel desire and desirable in the bedroom  but…

You have shame around your body and/or sexuality

You have questions about your body or sex but are too embarrassed to ask.

You’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start the conversation

I  totally get it

This was me for most of my life. I carried shame about my body and felt like I had to struggle in silence UNTIL I shed the shame around my body and sexuality.

Here’s how we can work  together

Group Coaching

Connect with other women ready to shed the shame, speak their truth, and cheer each other on along the way

Personal Coaching

Let’s work 1:1 to discover what’s standing in your way of truly owning your sexuality & living the life you desire. A private setting with me guiding you through each step

couples Coaching

We will work individually and then together with your partner to discover your true desires and be able to openly communicate with each other

ready to shed the shame?

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Hi, I ‘m Jess

Certified Sex Educator, Holistic Health Coach, and host of Naked Talk with Jess podcast.
I understand what it’s like to carry shame around your body and sexuality. That was me for most of my life.
I became disconnected from my body and pushed my needs further and further to the side as adulthood, marriage, kids, and LIFE happened. 
I’m here to help you shed shame around your body and sex so you can discover your desires and confidently ask for what you want in the bedroom and ALL areas of your life. 

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Jess talks to many clients about sex. This can be a hard topic for a lot of people to approach because so many of us were raised either not talking about sex or associating sex with shame. Jess’s mission is to help others take control of their health on a more holistic level, including sexual health.”
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