11 Kitchen Must Haves

Cooking (and cleaning up the mess) is so much more fun with cute gadgets in the kitchen. I’m a girly girl and I love surrounding myself with cute and colorful pens, notebooks, journals, knick knacks etc.

11 Gadgets I use in my Kitchen!

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Scrubbers are always a necessity in the kitchen. I have several different types. I have a bottle brush (great for shaker bottles and my smoothie straws) and these little short ones. Add pops of color to your sink.

kitchen sink scrubbers

Who doesn’t love wooden utensils? There’s just something about them that reminds me of my Mamo and her cooking. When I “attempt” to make Spanish rice I always use a wooden spoon.

wooden kitchen utensils

This mat is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. My kitchen chair cushions are in this design! I keep this pad under my drying rack.

Kitchen dryer mat

Colanders can be bulky and take up a lot of space. I have a stainless steel one but when I’m making a meal where multiple things need to be drained I like to have some that collapse so they can be neatly tucked away and not take up a tone of space.

kitchen gadgets and collanders

Avocados are seriously one of my FAVORITE foods! My husband and I eat them almost every day of the week when we can find them. At times I just cut them in half, remove the seed, and scoop into my mouth.

You can read about this fast food super star in this post:

Other times I make an avocado and egg salad sandwich or slice it up in a salad. This gadget makes slices easy and less messy.

kitchen gadgets and avocado tool

How cute is this little owl? I also have a timer shaped like an egg and we use them for different things. They’re really helpful when you’re cooking several things and your oven is being used to time your meal.

I made sirloin steaks a few nights ago and tried turning them every 30 seconds and had my daughter help me keep them straight with the timers.owl kitchen timer

Cutting these is a bit tricky because you have to hold them tightly together. That’s where this little gadget comes in handy.

Quick Tip: Chop up extra and save yourself a step for your next meal. You can always add them to your salad.

kitchen gadget and tool


I have all girls but we still love dinosaurs at our house!

He is adorable.

A great way to get kids involved in cooking is to make it fun and have cook stuff for them to work with in the kitchen.

See my post about cooking together in my 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. 

dinosaur kitchen gadget ladle

What are your favorite gadgets to use in the kitchen? 



11 Gadgets I use in my Kitchen!

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