How to Organize your Child’s Closet

Looking for ways to organize your child’s closet? I have three girls and it seems it’s a never-ending cycle of going through outgrown clothes and changing with the season.

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15 Great Tips for Organizing your Child’s Closet

Keeping the closets organized makes it so much easier to find what they need and change it around when you need to bring out the passed out clothing from siblings. I’ve tried having a shoe organizer but it didn’t work for the closet that two girls share. These shelves are great for getting the shoes off the floor.

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I LOVE command hooks! I utilize the inside and back of doors to hang hats, purses, scarves, and robes. They come in many different sized and even have waterproof ones for the shower. This is a great idea for hair bows.

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If you have a closet with only a rod you can maximize your space by adding a shelf system similar to these and add some bins and you’re good to go.

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The three drawer containers are a great alternative to dressers if you don’t have enough space in the room itself or would rather tuck it away out of sight. I use the three drawer containers and let my girls make cute labels for each drawer.

My older daughter uses one for her athletic accessories and another for her school assignments.

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15 Great Tips for Organizing your Child’s Closet

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I share a tip on keeping your paper and car clutter controlled in this video:

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