Welcome back to 31 Ways to Live an Unprocessed Life.

Now that you’ve completed the first step of changing your mindset about whole health and making your well being a priority it’s time to discover and cultivate your passion.

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Are you living a life you love or just getting by day by day? Life is too precious and short to be miserable or just maintain!

God gives us passions, talents, and gifts and often our busy lives and responsibilities dilute those gifts and before you know it, we’re going through the motions and missing out on living.

This was me!

I was so consumed and overwhelmed with my daily to do lists of home, homeschooling, girls’ activities, etc. that I felt empty at the end of my exhausting day. Days meshed together and I realized I didn’t know who I was anymore apart from being a mom.

We all have different levels of roles, responsibilities, finances, and resources but each of us also have a need for fulfilling our passions.

So what do you do about it?

Action Step for the Day:

Today I want you to take time to think about what you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s been so long you don’t even remember what you love. Are you cultivating your passion?

Need help finding your top 5 passions? I highly recommend The Positive Mom’s Passion Test. Elayna is a dear friend of mine and has been a HUGE inspiration to me in all areas of my life.

Her positivity is contagious.

I took the test and she walked me through it step by step. It was an emotional process but one I knew I needed.  It helped me clear my mind and focus on what was most important to me. It has been huge in contributing to my overall wellness.

Read about my experience in this post: passion test.

*Spoiler alert* – Your top passions will probably NOT be what you’re thinking right now.

I made this poster to remind me daily of my top 5 passions. I want to help everyone and do everything so this is a big help to keep me on track.

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What is your purpose and passion in life? Join me back here to learn more ways to live an unprocessed life.

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