Educational Things to Do with Your Children over the Holiday Break

Educational Things to Do With Your Children Over Holiday Break

Are you looking for educational things to do this break?  There are so many ways to integrate learning while your children are home over the holidays so why pass these opportunities up?

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While you have these few weeks of uninterrupted time with them, do some learning together,

or better yet, take a few tips for fun things they can do while you wrap gifts or shop online.

Remember to also include your kiddos in your kitchen prep work. Ages  3 and up can help

and learn in the kitchen as well.

Mad Libs

If you have children who can read and understand the basics of nouns, adjectives and basic

parts of speech this can entertain them while they learn. You can hop on

Amazon and grab a few and then laugh out loud together.


Feed the Wild Animals

Do you have a window with a view? Have your kiddos craft some food for the wild friends

outside. This is simple if you just pick up some birdseed and then use either a toilet paper roll

or pinecone coated in bacon grease or peanut butter before rolling in birdseed.

Cereal and pipe cleaners are another inexpensive and easy way to make them.

I have several bird feeder pins on my craft and DIY Pinterest board here for inspiration.

My girls and I do these each year and use pine cones as well.

Once you have the completed project have your children spy out the animals that come to feed on their

homemade treats or learn more about the animal.

Take a Winter Walk

Get out and moving and talk about how the environment looks different this time of year and

have your children name differences they see during your outing.

Craft some Christmas Ornaments as gifts

Who needs art class when you can access Pinterest? It is amazing what you can create with

odds and ends from home. Your children will be learning about different mediums while

creating some fantastic handmade gifts for loved ones on their lists.

Make cookies

It is amazing how quickly children learn bits and pieces of chemistry and math while in the

kitchen! It’s the kind of learning we don’t even realize is going on as we utilize fractions

(measuring cups), changing of mediums (watching what happens to ingredients like butter

when heat is applied), and so much more.

My aunt and cousin visited us last weekend and brought gingerbread house and train kits for girls to make. It was so much fun! Just remember to allow time to “glue” pieces together and dry. It takes up to 4 hours.

gingerbread house and train DIY

Traditionally speaking

Have your children look up some of the traditions we currently celebrate and find out when and

how they originated or share origin of your own family’s traditions.

For instance, Christmas tree lights used to be candles, sugar cookies used to be made from lard, and then there were tin can lid ornaments.

Ask them some questions such as, “When did the tradition of hanging stockings come to be?” and “Why do we put up a tree inside our home?”

The answers might just surprise you too.

Patterned Stringing

If you have younger children pick up some very large plastic embroidery needles and set them

up with a bowl of cranberries and a bowl of popcorn then show them patterned cards

and ask them to repeat your pattern as they string. This can be great for not only cognition as

well as fine motor skills.

There are so many opportunities around us to make into educational lessons if we but use a bit

of creativity.

Peruse Pinterest, have them wrap gift, go to a museum, and just live life a little unplugged. while enjoying educational things with your children this holiday.Sometimes the learning comes right along with it.

Have a blessed holiday season and enjoy making these memories and try to live life a little less processed.

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