21 Quick and Easy 10 Minute Workouts

Looking for an easy workout but only have 10 minutes to spare? Fit in one of these 21 easy routines to your daily to do list.

I know how busy life can become but also know the importance of staying healthy and taking time to care for yourself.

You can do it!

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21 Easy Workouts to do when you only have 10 Minutes

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Take your workout routine outside.

I’m in Texas so it can get pretty darn hot and humid so I aim for early morning or once sun is going down.

Try this fat-blasting workout while getting some fresh air.



Do you work outside the home? Mornings are crucial to starting off your day on a good note. Need some morning motivation? Find inspiration and printablesĀ here. Take 10 minutes from your busy morning routine to work your bum and you’ll be able to mark off a to do list item before you even leave the house.

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Toned abs are great year round. A yoga mat is great to have but if you’re on a soft area just go for it. Less prep the more likely you are to get going!

4 10-minute-AMRAP-for-toned-abs


5 10-Minute-Ab-Burner

Who doesn’t love a great song while working out? It gets you in the zone and makes the time fly as well. These are my go to wireless headphones for running.

This 3-song workout will get you going and before you know it, you’ve worked your legs in only 10 minutes.

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Not a huge fan of crunches? Try a crunch-free version to work your core.

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I love mixing up my fitness and exercise routine by going to pilates, spin, PIYO, and other classes as well as running or just playing with my kids. Here’s a great 10 minute cardio to warm up your upper body before your class.

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When I’m staying consistent with working fitness into my life I love how my arms and back look in a tank! Don’t forget your upper body. I don’t necessarily love the work of it but I adore the results.

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Work from home? It can be challenging to make time to eat regularly and exercise daily when your next task is staring you in the face.

Take time daily for your health and you’ll be rewarded!

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I only recently began going to yoga class in the last year and I’m so glad I’ve added it to my overall fitness. When you can’t make class, this sequence will help you focus and get your yoga on. Flexibility is so important to overall fitness.

I’ve also been doing PIYO which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga and 21 Day Fix.


DVD’s are great when you can’t leave the house or just feel like staying in and getting your work out on.


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I’ve tried many different workouts and routines. I was scared of push ups because my upper body was weak.

Take 10 minutes to show some love to your chest and back!

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21 Easy Workouts to do when you only have 10 Minutes


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