30 Days to a Healthier Summer Day 13: Summer Vacation from Social Media and Digital Detox

30 days to healthy summer social media and device detox

We’re almost half way through our 30 Days to a Healthier Summer. Are you seeing a difference? I hope you’re journaling from Day 12 so you can record your awesome progress since you began.

30 days to a healthy summer digital and social media devices detox

Are you new to 30 days? If so, begin with Day 1 and follow links to the next day at the bottom of the posts. Don’t feel rushed or pressured to “catch up”. Take it day by day and work in what you can at your own pace. You may find some things you already do and you can skip ahead to the next day. Thanks for joining us. So glad you’re here!

DAY 13: Ditch the Devices

Today we’re going to focus on the impact of technology and devices on our lives and health. Not only does spending too much time hunched over staring at a screen affect our posture, eyes, and bodies it can also wreak havoc on your family life.

It’s easy to use devices as a time killer especially in the summer when we’re home more and have a more relaxed schedule.


Iv’e been there, Done that and really regret it!

I noticed a big difference in my girls’ attitudes and patience to deal with siblings and us when they were on devices too much.

What in the world will you do if kids (or you) don’t have devices?

Connect with each other and other people. Look for local activities and events going on in your area and BONUS if it involves physical activity.

Unplugged Family is a great resource for ways to connect when you’re unplugged. Start slow and build from there. You can find a balance that goes beyond summer.

Put yourself in there as well. Can you cut back anywhere or schedule times to check your social media, emails, etc? Little eyes are on us and take it from me (or my littles)!

There are TONS of ideas and schedules on Pinterest and you can look at my Social Media and Kids, Crafts & DIY, and Activities for Kids for more ideas and inspiration. Follow my UnProcessedJESS Board for the latest posts.

Here’s a few crafts my girls and I did this Spring: Mom & Me Journal and Essential Oil Bracelets.

Reading, walking and looking for nature, trying a new craft, or serving others in your community are a few examples of things to do.

Before you know it will be dinnertime and you can discuss your awesome day together.

See you soon for Day 14 of 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.

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