30 Days to a Healthier Summer Day 14: DIY & Natural Cleaners

Hello there! Hope you’re having a blast so far and learning something new on your 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. I’m going to share some natural ways to clean with all the free time you have now from ditching your devices on day 13.

summer DIY and natural cleaners

Once you begin to make changes to your food and beauty products, moving towards safer, cleaner household items will naturally come next. Remember, no need to be overwhelmed or throw out all items in your home!

The end goal here is to make small, permanent changes that become a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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You probably have a lot of these things in your home already you just need to learn the many uses for them. Not only are they non-toxic and better for your health they’re also better for your budget!

I share 7 all natural cleaning tips to make your kitchen sparkle in this post:

7 Natural Cleaning Tips to Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

Something new I’ve tried this week is using vinegar for my smelly workout clothes. Ewww…gross! I know!

My husband and I usually work out 5 to 6 days a week so that adds up to a big heap of stink.

I noticed I could smell my clothes as soon as I began to sweat.

I’ve added vinegar to my wash before but didn’t think to soak them in it before washing.

TIP: Soak your clothes in sink filled with cold water and 1 cup white vinegar before you wash them.

The synthetic fibers are great for the workout phase but not so much for the cleaning phase because it prevents them from being as clean as we’d like and causes some build up of detergents.

I use the laundress Sport Detergent and Denim Wash. It’s great but at times I run out and forget to order in time or just need a break from the higher price. They also have a Vinegar and bleach alternative.

What’s your favorite DIY/Natural Cleaner to use? I’d love to know your favorite or which of these you try and like.

Join us for Day 15 of 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.

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