30 Days to a Healthy Family: Unplug and Connect

30 days to healthy summer connect with friends

Day 15 bring us to our halfway mark of the 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. I hope you’ve learned new things so far and incorporated them into your daily life.

If you’re new to the 30 Days to a Healthier Summer, begin with Day 1 and work your way through at your own pace. So glad to have you here!

30 days to healthy summer connect with friends

Do you do better when you have a friend or someone to share your experience with?

I do!

There’s something about knowing a friend’s waiting for me or will be there whether it’s walking, working out, a hobby, or commitment, just gives me that extra push I sometimes need to get motivated.

Day 15: Connect with others on this same journey

Some ways to connect:

  1. Invite friends to join you while you exercise. I shared in Day 2 that I walk with a few of my neighbors. We use this time to catch up and talk while doing something good for our bodies and relationship.
  2. Look for healthy Facebook groups to join. This is a great way to connect with others and exchange ideas, support, and challenges. Even if they’re not local, having that encouragement and common place to go for resources really helps.
  3. Join a health club. I personally do better with a class for my regular workouts because I enjoy the personal interaction and accountability. If you don’t prefer the class setting, it may still help to have a separate place to go and focus on your fitness.
  4. Find a local freezer meal or meal planning group. Meal planning can be tricky at first so having friends to plan with can be just the thing you need to start.
  5. Ask friends for referrals. You’d be surprised by who and what your friends know. You can be close but never bring up health or food. Once you begin the conversation friends may know someone who can help or is beginning the same change and connect the two of you.

Life is just more fun with friends!

How are you connecting on your journey to ensure it’s a lifestyle change?

See you for Day 16 of 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.

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