Day 10 30 Days to a Healthier Summer: Make Cooking Fun

Welcome back to 30 days to a healthier summer! Hopefully you’re already putting some of the ideas into place and adding in your own personal touch to find a fit for your personal lifestyle.

New to 30 days? Go to Day 1 first and follow the links to the next day and catch up with us! Most are simple steps you can take to work your way to a healthier summer. 

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Day 10 is about making cooking fun. 

I don’t particularly look forward to meal planning and cooking meals everyday so it honestly took more than a gentle nudge to get me into the habit of preparing more meals at home.

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Quick Tip: Double recipe to freeze a second future meal or cook two nights worth of dinner to give you a rest the next night. 

I share how I use one chicken two ways in this post:

When we began our journey to a healthier lifestyle, the kids would complain constantly and I’d feel defeated by dinner time and felt like I worked hard only to be met with unappreciative comments and ugly faces at the table.

Cooking may not be the highlight of your day either but it can be made more manageable and fun.

Involve your kids in the kitchen – They can help in SOME way even from a very young age. Give them more responsibility as they age. It’s also another opportunity to connect and contribute as a family.

With less school and activities taking up the majority of your day and night, summer is a great time to try new recipes and discover foods you haven’t tried before.

Try it and see the difference it makes. You may experience a little resistance at the beginning especially with your older children. Start off with small tasks and increase from there.

Cute and colorful gadgets don’t hurt either. 🙂

11 Kitchen Gadgets for the Kitchen

Allowing each person in the family to choose the meal helps also. If you’re new to eating whole, healthy meals, start with working in a healthier option to a regular meal.

Learn together how to prepare it and where the food is grown. Kids are more likely to try a food if they know more about it.

100 Days of Real Food was one of the first blogs I found on my journey and it inspired me to take the mini real food challenge. We love her new cookbook!

Here are some other cookbooks to get the whole family involved:


What is your favorite meal to cook as a family? 

See you tomorrow for Day 11 of the 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.

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