Day 9: 30 Days to a Healthier Summer: Try a New Exercise

Now that you’re drinking working in more water and healthy snacks into your day try something new for Day 9 of your 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.

Summer’s a great time to go outdoors and discover new ways to get in cardio and physical activity.

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I’ve been putting off trying tennis for years. I kept telling myself I’d make time for lessons and bought the cute skirts but then kids, homeschooling, activities, housework, etc. got in the way and it never happened.

5 years later I finally made it a priority to take a tennis lesson and sign up for a beginner’s clinic.

I really liked it!

It’s a fast paced activity that’s fun and gives you a great workout. I brought my daughter to cheer me on.

She said I was pretty good for a beginner. 🙂

claire and me at tennis

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If tennis isn’t your thing or you’re a parent looking for ways to incorporate exercise into your day as a family.

So many options to choose from and ways to involve the whole family in getting active and outdoors for a bit each day

How are you staying active? Have you tried something new this summer to work in your cardio? I’d love to hear about it. 

See you for Day 10 of 30 Days to a Healthier Summer.


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