4 Ways to Spice up your Marriage with Essential Oils

Looking for ways to spice up your marriage?

Here are 4 ways essential oils can heat up your sex life.

Smell is a very powerful sense and can evoke memories and feelings we may have forgotten or didn’t realize were even there.

4 Ways to Spice it up with Essential Oils

Did you know that smelling essential oils can be a way to help spice things up in the bedroom?!

This is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any health condition. Always consult your health care professional. See terms for full disclosure here.

When these 4 things are out of balance you aren’t experiencing whole health, which means romance can be non-existent.
1. Relationships
2.Physical Activity
3. Spirituality
4. Career/Finance

There are many factors in today’s stressful lifestyle that contribute to our less than amorous mood.

  • Job
  • Family
  • Illness
  • Bills
  • Low Energy

& much more can effect every area of our lives, especially being intimate with our spouse.

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Sexual intimacy is crucial to whole health and a lasting marriage.

It’s one of our primary needs (yes ladies, I’m talking to YOU!). Besides the stress of life maybe you or your spouse have a low libido in the bedroom or even both of you.

Essential oils can help!

They can create a relaxed and tension-free environment and give you a chance to work on spicing it up!

4 Ways to Spice it up with Essential Oils:

  1. Massage – Many adults, and humans in general, are “touch starved” even if they are in a relationship! There’s a difference between the need for touch and sex, but massaging helps relax the muscles and ease anxiety. This is actually great even when not leading up to sexual intimacy for connection. Choose your favorite oil like Wild Orange or Sandalwood, add it to a carrier oil, and massage away.
  2. Diffuse – Diffusing oils like Grapefruit, Clary Sage, or Juniper Berry approximately 30 minutes before lying down will give you a jump start to the evening.
  3. Bath – Add Ylang Ylang, known as an aphrodisiac with a sweet floral scent, to bath salts and soak in the tub to get you in the mood.
  4. Linens– Blend oils like Bergamot or Sandalwood in a spray bottle and spritz your pillows and sheets. See my Pinterest page under essential oils or blends for recipes and ideas.

Of course the most common way to use essential oils is topically.

Always dilute with a carrier oil. Pulse points and inner thigh are some areas you can apply depending upon the oil.

Try one or more of these 4 ways to spice it up with essential oils.

Got oils? If not, order your essential oils and message me with any questions you have.

Always read and be aware of safety information when using oils.

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