40 by 40: #3 Travel to Seattle in the Fall & Rain - Unprocessed Jess

38 days and counting to my 40th birthday. #3 on my 40 by 40 list: Travel to Seattle in the Fall & Rain.

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travel to Seattle in the fall with family

I LOVED watching Frazier growing up. I was a little bit weird as far as loving witty banter and gravitating towards quirky characters like Niles and Alex P. Keaton. LOL


I’d see the Space Needle and Seattle skyline for years and had a desire to travel to Seattle. Life got in the way and I shelfed that idea for decades. Perfect item to add to my 4o by 40 list.

So I did!

Funny how things come around. I also wanted to take a mom/daughter trip with one of my girls so we could have alone time and connect, which isn’t as easy with pre-teens. We were discussing places she wanted to visit and she said she always wanted to go to Seattle!

I took that as a sign and began looking into it. Seattle is known for it’s rain and we wanted to experience it so chose the time of year known for the most rain: fall. We immediately took to Pinterest, of course, created a board for what to wear, Lilly chose matching scarves, and things to do.

 Travel Seattle

Flights were pricey and more than we wanted to spend so we left it as a “we’ll see” and the next morning I see a Facebook post from a childhood friend from Seattle!

I messaged her about a personal referral for a rental and she offered her place to us! It was perfect. She lives in Capitol Hill, right in the middle, and close to Pikes Peak and other attractions.

My daughter loved the trip and so did I!

Favorites were:

  1. Space Needle
  2. Starbucks
  3. Chihuly Gardens
  4. Meowtopia
  5. Pike’s Peak
  6. Gum Wall

seattle trip

We loved the location of my friend’s town home and walked to most of the attractions. Being outdoors, even in the misty rain, was awesome and we would eat then walk it off!

The food in Seattle is amazing!

I bought these super cute pink rain boots for the trip.  A LOT of people were wearing gray and black so they brightened up the day.

I’d like to visit Seattle again in the summer and explore the mountain, hike, and rafting. My friend left an open invitation. 🙂

#3 on my 40 by 40 list was to travel to Seattle in the Fall and Rain. What’s on your list?