40 by 40: #4 Write a Letter of Thanks - Unprocessed Jess

Are you putting off saying thanks to someone from your past? #4 on my 40 by 40 is to write a letter of thanks to several people in my past who helped me in big ways.


Now that I’m quickly approaching 40, I’ve been trying to think back to how I saw life in my 20’s. It was a totally different view compared to life through the lens of my late 30 plus self!

After losing my dad my freshman of college, life changed drastically for our family. I moved away and found myself trying to figure out this new world on my own.

I’m grateful for wonderful adults who looked out for me, helped me out financially and were there for support. I graduated, relationships changed, and we eventually lost touch but I never forgot the help they gave to me.

Now as a mom with three girls of my own I see how scary things can be from a parent’s perspective for my babies when they grow up.

Writing a letter has been on my mind and “to do” list for years but time goes by and life gets busy.

My 40 by 40 list is pushing me to accomplish some of those things I’ve been putting off. I wrote the letter and feel so much better about it.

Do you have a 40 by 40 or other bucket list? Why wait until 40? Start making your list now!