5 Tips I Wish I knew before my first spin class

Hi there! I’m sharing 5 tips I learned from my first spin class this week that I WISH I would’ve known before stepping into the room. This year I’m determined to change it up a bit and be consistent with fitness in some shape, form or fashion! There are a TON of options so no excuse to not find 2 or 10 or more ways to stay fit and go for it!

5 things before spin pin size

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Tip #1: Show up with ample time to adjust your bike

I was already nervous about trying something new and looking stupid and then this! I was fumbling with my seat and trying to figure out how to tighten the straps to keep my feet from flying off the pedals and all of this in a dark room. You want to be comfortable enough so you’re not leaning too much or over reaching and you don’t want your legs over or under extended. Avoid feeling rushed by arriving early enough to become comfortable with the bike and settings before class begins.

Tip#2: Ask for Help

The instructor is there to support and guide you through the spin class. Ask for assistance and tell him/her you’re new at this and need help finding your proper settings for your bike. I took a picture of mine and also wrote in my notes on iPhone! I did NOT ask for help and arrived a few minutes into class so didn’t want to interrupt. The instructor noticed me struggling and walked over to help me. Remember what you learned in school? No such thing as a dumb question.

Tip#3: Use a seat cover

Holy Moly! My pelvic area felt bruised the night of my first spin class! NOT the way you want your first spin class experience to be remembered. I decided to go back the next week for some crazy reason and the instructor suggested a bike seat after I confessed to her that I really didn’t want to come back because I was so sore. She said many people never return because the pain is so bad. She loaned me her seat until I purchased my own. I so wish I would’ve known that before my first class so I’m sharing it with you.

Tip #4: Bring PLENTY of water

And if you don’t know NOW you know! lol You THINK you got this and waltz in with a smallish water bottle and next thing you know you’re dying of thirst and contemplating exactly how to slow your pedals down enough to escape for a quick trip to the water fountain but remember how quickly recall how hard it was to tighten the shoe strap thingies! Bring more than you think you’ll need and you’ll have enough for spin class. There’s usually two cup holders on the bike so you’re good.

Tip #5: Don’t quit!

Will it be VERY hard the first few times? YES! Will it feel uncomfortable? YES! Will you have to modify? Maybe Maybe NOT. Will it get better once you find your groove? HECK YES! Trying anything new poses challenges and requires stepping out of your comfort zone but it’s worth it to keep going. You’ll be further along this time next month than if you stop now.

Pat your sweaty self on the back for a job well done and making a step in the right direction to a happier, healthier you. I hope these 5 tips I learned from my first spin class will encourage you to try it.

Do you spin? Do you have a story to share about your first spin class? Share it with us!




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