5 Ways To Stay Healthy After the Loss of a Loved One

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Have you lost a loved one or friend? Here are 5 ways I found helped me stay healthy after the recent loss of my brother.

I’m no stranger to death and gave my first eulogy at my dad’s funeral when I was 18, second at my grandmother’s at the age of 27, and spoke at my brother’s memorial service last month at 39. Each death was sudden and unexpected. I’ve lost grandparents, uncles, and cousins and it never seems to get easier.

I decided this time to be intentional about maintaining my health as I grieved even though I want to just crawl under the covers and cry all day until bedtime.

Here are 5 tips that have helped make my life a LITTLE easier:

1. Shave! The sounds crazy but it really does help. I went a week before I finally started paying attention to myself. I noticed how hairy my legs were so I shaved and felt better and then that led to tweezing my eyebrows.

2. Cry in the Shower. My sister gave this advice to my 12 year old who was going through a hard time and then passed it down to me after our brother’s death. You’re alone in the shower and can cry with less chance of someone hearing you. The warm water helps release some of the emotions you may be holding inside.

3. Wear bright colors.  When I finally made it back to my gym class I realized I had been wearing grays and blacks the past weeks. I just didn’t FEEL cheery so I was reaching for the dull, dreary colors. Once I got around to doing laundry, I made myself wear my bright work out clothes to go for a run/walk with my girls and it actually helped my mood. I wasn’t chipper by a long shot, but it did help. Give it a try.

4.  Drink Water. Stay hydrated to help keep up your immune system and your health in check. Food and drink are probably the last thing on your mind when grieving but an empty stomach or living on coffee will only make you feel worse. The loss of a loved one brings on stress and it’s important to keep your whole health in balance to be able to get through this time.

5. Accept Help. This is a tough one for those who are usually independent and in charge. It’s ok to ask for and accept help from those offering it to you. My sister gave me this mug and it was perfect timing for my current situation and how I felt. There was an outpouring of love and support and I was overwhelmed and had a hard time accepting it. So SHUT UP and take your blessing! I mean that in the nicest way possible.

5 ways to Healthy Grief

Try some or all of thes 5 things to stay healthy after losing someone or love or pass along to someone you know is grieving.

How to Stay Healthy with Grief after Death of a Loved One


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