Want to Know My Story?

I’m a Texas wife and stay at home mom turned blogger/writer/podcaster.

I have three girls. They keep me on my toes and there’s never a dull moment. Motherhood is my favorite job hands-down and the toughest to date. I never know what to expect! Challenges arise and unplanned victories are unveiled from one day to the next.

Parenting is tough y’all!

I believe TRUE WHOLE HEALTH is more than eating greens and looking hot naked, although that's a bonus!

ALL areas of life are connected and affect each other.

I reached my rock bottom when I was a single mom of a 10-month-old, pregnant with number two, and homeless after leaving a toxic relationship. I got through it and it wasn't my last tragic or tough moment in life, but the tough times made me stronger.

I'm making the most of what IS going well and enjoying life despite the craziness!


My Mission


No Compare Zone

FOR YEARS I struggled with my self-image, AM (After-Mommy) body, and compared myself to other Christians, wives, moms, daughters, working women, etc. I made it my number one priority to be the perfect mom and homeschooler.

Broken Mom to Whole Health

Striving for perfection I could never achieve resulted in me losing myself and my love for the life I was living. Then I discovered WHOLE HEALTH through my training at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I ditched the diets, shed my people pleaser skin, and listened to my body.

Going from a broken mom to a strong, healthy, free woman saved my life. Now I help other women find freedom and health in their lives by sharing my story and the ways I incorporate small changes into my busy life to take care of ME.

How I Can Help You

Are you struggling to balance your business and your health? Do you need support and encouragement to get you back on track?

I am here for you. I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping you healthfully find balance in work and life.

Health doesn't stop at the food you put in your body. Your mind, your heart, and your body all have to be in balance for a truly healthy life.

Join me and other health-focused female entrepreneurs as we support each other on this journey! Let me know the best way that I can support you!