About - Unprocessed Jess

About Me

After leaving a toxic relationship with my 10 month old baby and one on the way, I became homeless and started over with $50, a stroller, and an overnight bag.

I moved in with my mom and began to rebuild my life one broken piece at a time.

I married a wonderful man yet lost myself in motherhood and not only carried shame around my body and sex but pushed my own desire and needs down until I could no longer hear them.

I turned 40 and somehow the inner wild woman inside me began to whisper and that whisper turned into a shout until I could no longer ignore her. I chose to take responsibility for my life and began a journey to discover my body and it’s desires without fear, shame, or guilt.

Life is amazing on this side of shame!

Not only did I become alive again but I became a more present wife, mom, and woman to the world around me. 

Each step brought me closer to becoming a certified holistic health coach, podcast host, and sexual wellness educator.

Now it’s my personal mission to help women shed the shame around their bodies and sexuality so they too can experience out of this world intimacy and unapologetic confidence in who they are in this life.

When I’m not coaching or Ubering my three girls around town, you can find me sipping herbal tea on my favorite chair looking out onto the lake, writing, traveling with my hubby or fam, or fitting in my fitness with friends.

Ready to shed the shame?

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