Sex & Marriage: Why you may be Avoiding it

Sex and Marriage: Why you might be avoiding it?

Are you avoiding sex in your marriage? Does your intimacy level leave much to be desired?

You’ve heard the saying “Honey, I have a headache”. I don’t hear it as often now but it could be replaced with modern day excuses, most likely the top one being “I’m tired” and “I just don’t feel well”.

I know because I used it in the past and it wasn’t an excuse! I would go go go all day and then when my head finally hit the pillow at night I just wanted to crash.

Are you Avoiding Sex in Your Marriage?

Giving your spouse the left overs of your day or nothing in some cases creates a disconnect and wears on a marriage.

When I began making healthier choices I felt better about myself, lost the pounds that wouldn’t let go, found energy I forgot I had, and felt sexier because I felt better.

When you feel better you’re more likely to want to be have sex with your partner and actually enjoy it!

What better way to burn calories than doing something that makes you feel good and adds to your relationship?

It’s normal to be exhausted every now and then from work, parenting, stress, finances, and other factors or even have the occasional headache but if it’s a consistent issue it’s time to STOP and think about what may be causing your decrease in energy.

This also applies to men.

With today’s Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and fast-paced, stress-filled lifestyle, men are worried and stress more than ever and it’s affecting their overall health and their esteem with it.

Sex and Marriage: Could these be the reasons you are avoiding it?

Ways to Increase Sex in your Marriage!

Marriage is tough and takes a LOT of work but it’s worth it! Intimacy is so crucial to a thriving relationship as well as whole health.

Some ways to fight exhaustion and keep energy up are:

  • Get enough sleep. Now I know this may sound strange when we’re talking about staying up a bit later to, um, communicate, but start your bedtime routine a bit early so you can actually get to your bed at a decent hour once your night time activities are complete. Find a great snooze routine and oil blends here
  • Support your digestive system. Poor digestion slows your body in general and stresses out your organs and other parts. It distracts them from doing their job because they’re working overtime to digest all the gunk. Great health starts in the gut.
  • Eat less processed food and more whole foods that your body recognizes and can digest easier.

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  • Reduce unnecessary stressors in your life. Some things are necessary or unavoidable but limit those you can. Look at your schedule and see where you’re overcommitted and choose to downsize.
  • Eat! Make sure you eat enough whole, healthy foods to fuel your body.  Skipping meals or eating processed food can leave your feeling hungry or heavy and like you need a nap! Look for upcoming health challenges on the blog soon!

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Improve Your Married Sex Life

Once you’re well and up for some action, use these oils to keep your libido going.

Ylang Ylang – is perfect for diffusing to enjoy its romantic and relaxing sweet floral aroma but can also be applied to inner thighs, cleavage, or back of your neck. Great time to apply just before bed.

Who needs flowers when you have this scent to get the romantic juices flowing? 

New to essential oils? Find about info here and safety info. here

Ready to jump in and start your journey with essential oils?

The premium starter kit is a great way to get oils at a discounted rate and get started.


What changes have you made to sustain your energy through the day and improve your sex life? 

Full disclosure available here. Information here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any illness or medical condition. Always consult your health care provider.  
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