Best Pencil Sharpener Ever! One happy homeschool mama!

best pencil sharpener for homeschool

As the new school year began so did my hunt for the best pencil sharpener. Ok, let’s be honest, even one that gets the job done properly and doesn’t leave me stressed out over yet another addition to my pencil sharpener graveyard would have done.

What’s a homeschool mom to do?

I took to social media and asked friends like I usually do as my first line of defense. When that didn’t work I went online.

I thankfully found a video for a sharpener from and I HAD to get one into my hands!

I contacted Classroom Friendly Supplies and they gave me a sharpener to try out and tell you about it. Cool, huh?! 


I have a thing for pencils. It’s weird but there’s something about freshly sharpened pencils and the smell that reminds me of my school days as a kid. The problem with loving pencils is their requirement to be sharpened.

I’ve purchased five sharpeners over the last seven years and none have worked the way I wanted them to.

My hopes were high but I tried to contain my excitement in case it didn’t measure up.

The colored retro look is super cute and I love how the drawer is easy to see and empty once it’s full. The price is comparable and/or less than sharpeners found at boxed stores.

There’s quantity and bulk discounts so they’re great for schools, PTO/PTA groups, and as teacher gifts.

I let my girls try it and they were able to sharpen their pencils once I showed them how and where to place their left hand.


The how to video is really helpful and there’s an instruction printable to place near your sharpener.

The creator is a school teacher and they also support Pencils of Promise and a $1 from each sharpener goes towards building a school in a developing country.  Go to for more information.

We have our new pencil sharpener in our homeschool area and plan to purchase a second sharpener for my daughters’ homework desk.

Have you tried this Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener? If so, leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think. 







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