“Boot”gie or Budget: Winter & Snow Boots Finds

I just love when I find Designer winter and snow boots on sale! We had our first family ski trip this year and I held out buying the brands I really wanted. Didn’t want to spend a ton if we weren’t going back! LOL We live in Texas so NOT used to extreme cold and snow. 

We chose Park City, Utah for high chance of snow for our first White Christmas and actually loved it! So this mama set her sights on her boots soon after the trip. I looked and looked during Black Friday and couldn’t find the ones I wanted on sale in my size.

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I needed to do some returns and buy gifts so headed to Nordstrom Rack. TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Nordstrom Rack are my no brainer go to’s before I step foot in a mall. I ALMOST didn’t look because I was in a hurry but made a quick run through the shoes and found ALL of the boots I was searching for!

The Nordy club is a way to earn points with your purchase. 

“Boot”gie or Budget: Winter & Snow Boots

I bought a pair of boots that were similar to ones I wanted but much cheaper. Let’s just say it’s NOT always a good idea to go the cheap route!

Things to consider when deciding to go for cheap vs. retail or just waiting for the brand to go on sale:

  • Can you afford it? I love my STUFF as much as the next gal but NOT worth stress #savingissexy
  • Think about what you like about the boots. Is it solely the brand name or how well it’s constructed?
  • Compare the features especially if depending on functionality
  • Can you get an equal aesthetic and durability with a less expensive but known brand?
  • Is it worth waiting for a good sale? Sometimes I spend SO much time searching and searching for sales that the time wasted isn’t worth the savings
  • Look at reviews and ask friends. Expensive does NOT always equal better

My Boot Finds

So the sorels were top of my list. I could NOT find them for less than $170 at least not in my size. They were $99.97 so grabbed them! Can’t wait? Get yours here: Sorel Tofinos

Sperrys have been on my list and just never got around to buying them! I turned the aisle and there they were. Sperrys for $79.97 so threw those in the cart as well. Itching for a pair? Sperrys

I kept going back and forth between Hunter or Sperry plain black rain boots. I have several pair of rain boots but wanted them in black. At the end of the aisle towards the bottom waited a quilted black pair with my name on it (well, technically, Sperry’s name) for $59.97. Look like rain soon? Scoop yours here: Sperry Rain Boots

What?! It was crazy! I even found a pair of super comfy and warm UGG gloves for $49.97. UGGS Please: UGG Gloves

You can say it was a good day and I’m REALLY glad I went in for that return. 

What’s your favorite place to find deals on winter or snow boots? I think I’m hooked and may be looking again!

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Tips on preparing for your trip:

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