Day 4: 30 Days to a Healthier Summer

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Welcome to Day 4 of our 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. If you’re new here start with Day 1 and then go to the next day. So glad you’re starting on a journey to a life less processed.

30 days to a healthier summer

Day 3 was about reading ingredients in your food and knowing what you’re actually putting INTO your precious body. You’ve probably heard the saying about taking care of your body because it’s the only one you have.

Well it’s true! Treat your body with kindness and love now so it can be there for you later.

Day 4: Learn what ingredients to look for so you can cut down on those foods or find alternatives for them.

Of course choosing whole and fresh foods eliminates the chore of reading ingredients because the food consist of, well, the food you’re looking at in front of you.

Example: an apple contains apple, a banana contains banana, broccoli broccoli, etc.

We’ll tackle the whole organic, non-GMO issue later in the series but for now focus on fresh is best. 🙂

All ingredients are important, of course, but you really want to begin with looking at the first 3 ingredients as these are often the most used.

If sugar is listed first, then sugar is the main ingredient in that product. You can then decide if you want to purchase based on your desired level of sugar in your food.

Keep in mind MOST processed foods contain a LOT of sugar. The amounts may astound you!

I know I was shocked at the amount of sugar in foods I didn’t associate with sugar or even as a sweet.

One example is bread. Who knew? My old “healthy” wheat bread had a long list of ingredients and lots of sugar. You may be ok with this but it’s important to be aware so you can figure that into your daily sugar intake.

Some ingredients to avoid or cut back on are:

High Fructose Corn Syrup


Hydrogenated Oils

Red, Blue, Yellow Coloring or other Artificial Coloring

Artificial Sweeteners (These are the 1st thing to cut out if you’re consuming these)

I’ll go more into detail about these and why you DON’T want to allow too much into your home but for now, be aware of them and look for ways to cut back on them.

Action Step: While you’re grocery shopping this week STOP and READ the ingredients BEFORE you place that box into your cart. See if you can replace ONE of your usual items with a healthier alternative that contains less sugar or no High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Tip: There’s usually a healthier alternative in the same area or if you shop at Kroger’s like I do, they have a natural kitchen section (which I love) and I do the majority of my shopping there and fill in with a bit of the other aisles.

Enjoy your shopping. I’m excited to see what you found on Day 4 of your 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. See you for Day 5!

Let me know in the comments or message me.

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