Day 5: 30 Days to a Healthier Summer

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It’s Day 5 of our 30 Days to a Healthier Summer series. I hope you’ve learned something new since this week and are beginning to look at your ingredients and recognize some of the ones to cut back on or avoid.

Start at here at Day 1 if you missed it and begin your 30 days there.

If you’re like I was when I discovered GMO’s and began my journey you may be excited for a change and ready to take on the world of toxins one processed box at a time.

That’s awesome and I hope you keep up the passion!

BUT remember that this is new to you and probably your family members as well.

DAY 5: Be patient with your family and introduce changes gradually.

Resist the temptation to go all out and cause a family revolt in the kitchen. I immediately panicked and threw out everything that had any of the harmful ingredients.

This did NOT go over well.

Although my husband’s always been health conscious (much more than me in the past), he wasn’t fully on board with my dramatic change.

My stepsons common response when asked if they were hungry was

“Oh, we JUST ate”.

I was disappointed and frustrated that my entire family didn’t share the same zeal and passion for changing our lifestyle as I did. It created chaos during dinner time and incessant arguing.

I finally decided to gradually make changes, have a handful of non-negotiables in place and build from there.

This helped a lot.

We found our family’s healthy balance and now choose to eat our day to day meals as whole and healthy as possible and relax the rules when we eat at a restaurant (which isn’t often) and allow things at the movies and parties we wouldn’t normally eat.

Our girls still complain but for the most part understand that this is how our family lives for the majority of our meals and eating habits.

So be patient and remember WHY you’re making these changes in the first place.

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