Connect with your Child: DIY Mom And Me Journal

DIY Mom And Me Journal

Mom and Me Journals are a quick and easy craft you can make with your son or daughter.

Communicating with your children, especially pre-teens and teens, can be challenging to say the least.

Does this sound familiar? 

MOM: “What’d you do today honey?”

CHILD: “Nothing.” 

Try using a Mom and Me journal to open up lines of communication (or at least get it in writing). You can read my Families Who Walk Together Talk Together post for more ways to connect as a family.

The Mom and Me journal is simple,easy on your budget, and requires few supplies.

I have 3 girls ranging in age from 8 to 12. Even when I homeschooled my girls some days our busy schedules left me feeling like I missed the mark for one on one time. When my head finally hits the pillow at night I went to sleep with guilt for connections not made.

DIY Mom And Me Journal

It’s a great way for dads to communicate also! Our girls each have a Mom/Me and a Dad/Me journal. Perfect for when my husband and I are away on a trip.

You can leave a note before you leave, have your kids write their entry each night you’re away, and pick up where they left off when you return. Ask them to write highlights of their day.

You may catch things you missed from your phone conversations during your trip.

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DIY Mom And Me Journal

Mom and Me Journal

Supplies needed:

Journal – I found these at the Dollar Tree (one of my favorite stores!)

Duct Tape – We had most of the duct tape on hand from gifts and/or previous projects and I found the smaller size on clearance at our local Michael’s Craft Store.

Stickers – Great way to use those sheets with a few random stickers from past projects.

Markers  – A thicker, permanent marker or Sharpie Marker will work best since you need a dark one to show up on the duct tape if you choose to label the outside.

Scissors – I found Fisher’s Duck Edition Scissors on clearance at Hobby Lobby (Score!) and tossed them into my basket immediately.

Little fingers seem to grab my “good” scissors for their projects. Now we have a dedicated pair for duct tape!


  1. Decide on duct tape to use for your journal cover.
  2. Measure first strip of tape and cut at the end.
  3. Press down the tape strip and smooth out.
  4. Repeat in desired pattern until front is covered.
  5. Decorate with stickers. (optional)
  6. Add name or title with markers on inside cover or outside.
  7. Repeat for back cover.

DIY Mom And Me Journal Tutorial (sped up)

You can use your left over duct tape to make a book mark, wallet, purse, or other creation. There are many duct tape books available and Holly Homer’s 101 Kids Activities Book has several crafts using duct tape if you need inspiration.

DIY Mom And Me Journal

If you’re new at this or stuck for where to start, download my free printable, DIY Mom And Me Journal Printable, with journal entry starter ideas.

Do you use a mom and me or dad and me journal to connect with your child? Please share. I’d love to hear how you connect.

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