Testimonies of Encouragement – Share your Story

Everyone Has a Story... Share Yours!

Everyone has a story to tell. It’s unique to only you and can’t be duplicated. A story has many parts and some plots are NOT picture perfect. Our experiences make us who we are today and we can pass on knowledge we’ve learned to others then it’s up to them to apply it.

Why don’t we share our testimonies more often? For me, I was ashamed and, honestly worried that I would somehow fall short of expectations,  or be judged, or simply lose friendships.

I now realize true friends and relationships in my life will be there regardless of my past or present shortcomings and poor decisions. Once I shared my testimony, friends confided in me about their own stories and struggles. I try to be the friend I want to have.

Sometimes I give my two cents and other times I sit quietly and serve as a listener.

“A friend loves at all time” 

Proverbs 17:17

I shared my testimony with 27 other women in Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place: Testimonies of Triumph a few years ago.  Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place: Testimonies of Triumph It was emotional to say the least. It was the first time I actually wrote down the events and thoughts from one of the lowest points in my life.

As the words flowed out onto the page, wounds opened up and overwhelming emotions poured out from my soul.

It was healing.

The journey was bitter but the destination sweet. As the testimonies were revealed I began to compare my story to others and to think that mine wasn’t as important. Those bad habits crept in and tried to steal my joy and play the comparison game.

I prayed about it and realized that each story serves its beautiful purpose; to touch the life of those who need to hear it at the perfect moment.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share some of my experiences and life lessons. I pray that my story will bring the hope of Jesus Christ to someone in a similar situation and that she will choose life.

Your story will not look like mine or anyone else’s.

That’s the point.

Someone needs to hear your messy, beautiful, Rock Bottom testimony of triumph and know there’s hope even in the “before” picture.

Everyone has a story to share…Share yours! Your testimony will be encouragement to someone else.

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