Family Activities to do when it rains on your beach vacation in Florida

A rainy day at beach vacations can still be fun when you plan activities for the family to do when it rains. Let’s face it. A rainy day at the beach is better than a plain ole’ rainy day at home!

Our family took our first vacation to Emerald Coast beaches in Florida. The first three days were perfect beach going weather and we visited our friends in Seaside in Destin the third day and then the clouds came and the rain followed.

What’s a family of five to do? We scoured the streets for nearby things to do.

Activities to do when it rains on your Beach Vacation

  1. Eat donuts for breakfast – Our family tries to eat balanced meals for the majority of the time but a rainy day on vacay calls for a little something to brighten the day. Don’t skimp! The more glaze and sprinkles the better!
  2. Buy Souvenirs – We chose to wait awhile once the forecast called for rain and left our shopping day til it poured. Give the kiddos a budget and let them loose. We found the cutest shirts at this store and best part was girls were under budget!
  3. Find a bookstore – Great time to head to the bookstore for reading at the room later. If the weather clears up you can always take it to the beach and read while enjoying the waves and sand. It’s also a great way to kill some time.
  4. We spent almost two hours in there browsing the aisles and buying awesome books. Set your timer for 20 minutes and have everyone read then have a snack or other activity to break up the day.
  5. Make it a Redbox night- We do this often as a family at home and stop by Redbox on long road         trips. So nice because you can drop movies at any location along the way. One family member           chooses a movie a night and we end our day relaxing on the couch together.
  6.  Sweet Stop –  Ok, so I know we started our day off with sugar but this is vacation, right? Each day      we let the girls choose a dessert or buy ice cream to take to the condo. Frozen yogurt was our              choice for the day and cookies are on the menu for tomorrow.                             TIP: If you’re going the sugar route think of ways for kids to burn off energy!
  7.  Walk and play on the beach – You may not be able to swim but it’s still fun to walk on the beach.         You would’ve been wet in the water anyway! Hearing the waves crashing and seeing them up close   is really cool. If it’s not raining too hard you can run and play.
  8.  Polish and Pedis – Find a nearby store and stock up on polish in bright colors. Grab a few other        supplies and have a girl’s night in and pamper your pinky toes! Our condo full of girls loved this  part. A frugal and fun way to entertain a rental full of females.
  9.  Pizza, puzzles, and popcorn – Order in or grab pizzas, popcorn, and a puzzle or two while you’re        buying your polish and have some family fun. Gathering around the coffee table and                working together on a project is a great way make memories.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Try these activities on your rainy beach vacation in Florida and tweak them to suit your family.

Enjoy your summer and remember to live life less processed!

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