Are you looking for free ways to connect with your family this summer? The family that walks together talks together! Life is busy and before you know it the day’s gone by and you’ve missed out on one on one communication with your family.

Ditch the electronics and head outside for some quality family time. You can connect with nature and each other during your walk.

I’ve found that my girls are more likely to open up if we’re walking and talking vs. me just sitting in front of them asking about their day. Often my older girls will bring up issues at school either with themselves or another student and I can give them my uninterrupted attention. My girls and I often walk around our neighborhood to check the mail or just to get up and moving.

The Family That Walks Together Talks Together

Walking eliminates distractions for both the child and parent. House to-dos, emails, laundry all can take your focus off the conversation.

  • Relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Point out the beauty of nature around you and elaborate on anything that interest your kiddos.
  • Talk about upcoming vacations, activities, or milestones

You can take it a step further and collect or take pictures of flowers, bugs, stones, leaves, branches, birds, etc. and use it to make a craft after your walk. If you child took an interest in something particular, you can look up more information at the library or online on that subject.

If you have younger ones, you can play eye spy for colors or shapes you see along your walk. The main thing is to just get out and do something TOGETHER as a family.

The Family That Walks Together Talks Together

As your children grow your time will become even more precious and finding ways to maintain a healthy connection crucial to your relationship success.

How do you connect as a family? Do you go for walks and talk as a family together? 

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