Fresh Fast Food Fashion Show – Starring Avocado

On my way out the door the Pilates this morning I wanted to eat something to hold me over to lunch. I was in a hurry and needed a no brainer fast food to fill my tummy. Instead of grabbing a snack pack of chips, cookies or another processed “low calorie” package of junk, I chose an avocado.
I started the timer on my iphone to see just how fast this food really was.

It took me less than 1 minute to choose an avocado from my fruit bowl, remove a knife from the drawer, cut around the fleshy green goodness, remove the seed, walk over to the drawer, take out a spoon and walk to the cabinets for a small plate.

avocado fast food


Save time and your health by choosing an avocado or another yummy and fresh fast food the next time your taste buds are taunting you.

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