How to Find the Perfect Fair Trade Favor for your Princess and Pre-teen Party

fair trade party favor for princess and pre-teen party

You’ve chosen the theme, guest list, and cake but still need party favors. Why not choose a fair trade bracelet? It makes the perfect favor for your guests, princesses and pre-teens alike!

fair trade party favor for princess and pre-teen bracelets

My youngest recently turned 8 and I quickly realized this may well be my last princess party! sniff sniff

I owned a custom theme party business and kept a handful of princess ball gowns for my girls to dress up with friends. I quickly pulled them out and when my daughter tried them on I was reminded that only a few months remain before they’re too small.

So what’s a mom to do? Organize a princess party!

I invited family, a few neighbors and my older daughters and their friends offered to help the littles! At these ages I JUMP at any opportunity when they’re WILLING to help and it’s their idea! We had a nail and hair station, face paint, and made princess wands.

My Crossfit friend make amazingly adorable custom cookies at Maggie Mix-A-Lot and created these for the party.

custom princess party cookies

The older girls were a modern day princess Jasmine and the newest princess, Moana, and gave the princesses a pre-teen twist.

It was really cute!

modern princess jasmine, moana, ariel

I’ve done MANY parties with my business and three girls over the years and I’ve moved more and more towards favors that guests will actually USE so they’re not another cheap piece of plastic that will end up on the floor and then in the garbage within weeks.

Now that we have two (maybe three!) pre-teens I opt for favors that are “big girl” enough but not too “old” for a this age.

These fair trade H.U.G.G. bracelets from HandUp Global Goods were the perfect option! I chose the smaller sizes for the little princesses and the adult size for the modern princess helpers. I chose Ariel, of course, and wore this red bracelet.

fair trade bracelet

HandUp Global Goods was founded by a local mom and friend, Natul Middlebrook, to eliminate a life of handouts for teens aging out of orphanages in Haiti by working to seek social and spiritual change together.

LIKE their Facebook and Instagram page for updates and enter their giveaway!

The girls loved the bracelets and we read the stories of the artisans who made each piece.

Psalm 82:3: Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

Do you have a fair trade party favor you’ve found for your parties?

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