There is no better time than now to find your passion and live your PURPOSE! Elayna Fernandez is a dear friend of mine as well as a mentor and positive influence in my life. She is an author, speaker, motivator and fellow homeschool mom to 3 girls (like me) among many things to many people.


I’ve followed her blog and gotten to know her on a personal level, so when we spoke and she told me about her Passion Test I was intrigued and wanted it for MY life. It IS an emotional process and, if given 100% effort on your part, will push you beyond your comfort zone and superficial level.This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated. All opinions are my own.


I was frustrated at myself after the first part of the Passion Test when I realized I needed to dig deeper. Initially I put what I “thought” I should say or others “expected” me to say, but I realized I needed to think beyond that and you will need too also. Don’t get discouraged and stay with it and you will love your results.

Yes, good stuff! Part of whole health is loving yourself, your life,living your purpose and fulfilling your passions. It looks different for each of us. This can be difficult since many of us want a 1,2,3 formula and if I do X then Y will happen. There is a formula in finding your passion but the passions are unique just like YOU!

I am so grateful Elayna patiently encouraged me and we completed my test. As an overwhelmed wife and mom of 3 working on a journey to whole health and finding balance between my family and other passions, I NEED clarity and purpose. I found both and then some.

Here’s more information on Elayna and the Passion Test. I encourage you to look into it and invest in yourself. When you’re clear, you can find your passion, live your purpose and other areas of your life will fall into place.

Watch this video and learn more about the Passion Test.

Let me know if you’ve done the Passion test and how it changed your life!

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