Frugal Female Friday – Double “Sipping”

I LOVE me some Earl Gray tea and it’s one of the ways I wind down while reading and eating my chunks of dark IMG_6055chocolate. When I’m on the go or meeting my peeps, I order a hot beverage and get to work or “gabbing”. I noticed the grande size comes with two tea bags. To me, this particular tea is strong and becomes bitter if left in the cup more than a nanosecond over three minutes. I ordered a Grande Earl Gray Tea with sugar in the raw and an ever so slight splash of milk (I know, not organic and so on and so forth) and requested one bag instead of two. A benevolent barista instructed the cashier to charge me for a tall instead of a grande. SCORE! Unintentionally saving mula…not bad for a Friday morning!

So, of course, I decided to take it a step further and use my tea bag for my afternoon tea. It was sitting all by its little lonesome in its double-insulated cup so I boiled water at home and let it steep for a couple of minutes. It was still strong enough to serve its purpose. Satisfied with my savings from an earlier decision to order mainly teas in place of lattes, one bag instead of two, and now this whole double “sipping” set-up, I grinned and wondered where I’ll spend the money I saved today! HEEHEE

Wake your Inner Wonder Woman!


Quick Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk. I haven’t researched if you are SUPPOSED to re-use tea bags or not but my personal experience gives it a thumbs up! 😉

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