Frugal Find #1 : How our Family Saves Money while Eating Healthy Kroger Digital Coupons

Frugal find is a series of sharing ways our family has found to save money while eating healthy. Kroger Digital Coupons are a whole new ball game for me!


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frugal family saves money on healthy food and eating

I am NOT your typical frugal homemaker.

I’m horrible at clipping and saving coupons, particularly the ones with an expiration date or exceptions!

I AM a mom and wife trying to be more intentional about what we spend and a better steward of our money. If I can save and eat healthy, why not?!

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I discovered and have been amazed at how convenient and helpful it is for its customers. We live a ways from out now on the lake and Kroger is our closest grocer and I’m so glad I have a great selection of natural, organic, and healthy food items.

Like I said, I’m not good at coupons and tried clipping them in an envelope and keeping in my purse. It seemed I’d either forget I had it or use it when it didn’t apply, or attempt after it expired. has digital coupons and you can load it onto your Kroger card and it automatically applies to your purchase at checkout when card is used.


They send out Friday Deals via email and I loaded this coupon onto my card today. I buy lots of veggies and a mix of fresh and frozen.

kroger coupon deal

I also like that you can save your favorites and brands as well as a shopping list.

I used their Click List service this week and loved it. I saved time and money by purchasing exactly what I needed for the week and avoiding impulse buys.

How do you save money on eating healthy? Do you have a frugal find you’d like to share? Do tell! I love finding quick and easy ways to save and share the love.


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