NT 020: Go with your Gut Series: Listen to it with Dafne Wiswell - Unprocessed Jess

unprocessedJESS is talking with Dafne Wiswell, a holistic life coach who empowers and equips women to take control of their health and focuses on marriage, parenting, finance, and autoimmune. Continuing the Go with YOUR gut series. They discuss how to say no, take time to stop and listen to your body, and how one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to eating and “diets” that work for people.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Finish First
  • Who Dafne is and how she got started in life coaching
  • Spreading your message and telling people how you can help them
  • Knowing what diets work for you and which don’t
  • Saying no and setting boundaries for your health
  • Continuing to change your diet and evolve
  • Having a holistic approach to your life
“There’s nothing like taking your life back.”

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