Shed the Shame Group Coaching Program - Unprocessed Jess

Shed the Shame & own your Moxie
from the bedroom and beyond

The Shed the Shame Group Coaching Program was created to teach you about your beautiful body, help you shame the shame, and bring your sexy back so you can exude unapologetic confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Are you shaking your head YES to this?

I WANT to have amazing sex, feel desire, and want it just as much as my partner but not sure how to even start.

Oh sister. I totally get it! Sex is supposed to be FUN but can stressful, shameful, and overwhelming. SO not sexy.

You’re lacking desire no matter how much you say you WANT  to have it

You’ve read online and even thought about trying “new” things in the bedroom or resort to watching porn for pointers but doesn’t work for you or feel “right”

You’ve got some serious questions about your body but too embarrassed to talk about it and don’t even know WHO  to ask

What if….

You had someone to talk to openly about your body, sex, and your relationship without fear of being embarrassed, judged, or word getting out to your family and friends?

How would the relationship with your partner (or yourself) feel if you were unapologetically confident in your body, the bedroom, and unashamed of your sexuality? 

What if you could…

Feel unapologetically confident in your body and in the bedroom

Experience out of this world intimacy in your relationship and with YOURSELF

Understand your body, desires and be able to fully express them in your relationship


Shed the Shame from the Bedroom and Beyond
Group Coaching Program

Here’s what you’ll get

❤️ Pre Program Call with Jess to assess a starting point and serve as a kick off call

❤️ Post Program Call with Jess to celebrate your transformation

❤️ Six Weekly 60 minute group sessions where we will connect, reflect, and dig deep to move you closer to body and sex freedom

❤️ Access to private Voxer group where we can share victories, post questions, and cheer each other on

❤️ Accountability Check-ins to keep you on track and closer to your desired life

❤️ Email Access Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for those quick little questions or comments

Step out of the shadows and into the Sexual freedom you want AND DESERVE!

Exuding unapologetic confidence and experiencing out of this world intimacy ARE within your reach.

This is for you if

✔️ You’re looking for support and accountability to push you out of your comfort zone and INTO a sexy confident YOU

✔️ You want to know you’re not alone & meet other women with similar experiences

✔️ You’re ready to make yourself a priority and commit two hours each week for YOU

This is not for you if

✖️ You’d prefer to work with a coach one-on-one

✖️ You’re not ready to invest in your body confidence & sexual freedom

✖️ You’re fine pushing your desires or relationship to the side and living in shame

Hi, I’m Jess

As a wife and mom of three girls who lost herself in motherhood I’ve experienced the frustration and isolation of not feeling like I could talk to those closest to me about things, especially with my body and sex life.

I carried shame around the sexual areas of my body and sex for DECADES and that only compounded my feelings of loneliness despite having friends and family who supported me.

After seeing a pattern of sexless marriages and lack of intimacy/connection in my holistic health coaching clients I began looking into my own experiences and ideas around sex and my sexuality. I discovered so much and through that became a certified Sex Educator and coach.

It’s my passion to help women shed shame around their bodies and sexuality so they can experience true pleasure in the bedroom and ALL areas of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I’m single?

Yes. This is about shedding shame around YOUR body and Sexuality.

What if I don’t want to talk about this in front of other people?

You can listen in and message me privately or listen to replay. I also offer one on one coaching

What if I miss the start date?

Join the wait list and you’ll be notified when registration opens again.

Now’s the time to Shed the Shame & Discover Sexual Freedom

Falling in LOVE with EVERY part of your body and finally feeling confident in the bedroom and ALL areas of your life is within your reach. Click the button to start