Healthy Travel and Digestion Vacation Tips

So you FINALLY made time to get away on vacation and travel a bit. Congratulations! Taking time for yourself or to reconnect in your relationship is important to whole health. I share tips and “benefits” of a vacay in Hawaii 5-Oh! post and podcast episode.

I don’t know about you but as soon as my bag is packed for a trip my digestion goes on vacation. It’s like it knows it will be pooping in a foreign place. LOL

Growing up I avoided using public restrooms at all costs and it resulted in issues as a young adult. I share my story in this podcast episode.

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travel and vacation healthy tips

My husband and I decided to get away on a much needed alone trip and chose the Bahamas.

I had a history of not being able to go to the restroom (at all) when I traveled. Just something about it made me shut down and end up miserable and constipated.

Of course my fear of pooping in public restrooms didn’t help the situation. 

Who wants to be uncomfortable when you’ve worked so hard to take some much needed time away from the everyday life?

Not me.

I’d had enough.

I decided to be intentional on preparing BEFORE I left.

 Healthier Digestion while Traveling

  • Take probiotics at least 2 weeks before you leave
  • I’m BIG on probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and great gut health in general. So many Americans suffer from symptoms stemming from an imbalance in their guts due to stress, processed foods, medications, etc.
  • I take these daily but it’s especially important before a trip. You’ll be flying, exposed to a new area, foods, and germs. Support your immune system to keep it healthy and create a better environment to handle these changes and remain above the wellness line.
  • Enzymes aid in digestion and breaking down foods. I use Essentialzymes-4
  • I bring them along with me and double up on my Life 9 several weeks before a trip.


Do you experience tummy issues while traveling? If so, let me know! I want to help and bring more tips people need!

I originally wrote this post in 2016 and updated while on my Playa Del Carmen trip two years later. My digestion continues to improve on vacation. Night and day from when I don’t prepare. 

This helped me face my potty fears especially at the gym! 

DIY Poo Spray with Essential Oils



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