Tips for Having a Healthy Valentine’s Day

Healthy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love and appreciation and there is nothing we love more than making our friends and family feel good! With a special card and a small gift we can help give our children a healthy Valentine’s day while still making them feel loved.

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards 

I love Valentine’s day because it is one of those holidays where the main goal is to make the people you love feel good and appreciated. You usually don’t have to spend a lot of money on Valentine’s day to make your loved ones feel special, just the acknowledgement of a small gift or card can go a long way.

Being a kid on Valentine’s day is really fun! Typically kids will get to bring little cards and treats to exchange with their classmates and make each other feel loved.

To make Valentine’s day easier for parents we have created these adorable FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Cards! for your kiddos to take to school and give to their friends!

All you have to do is print them out and give them away! Parents can use them too if you are handing out little appreciation gifts to your coworkers for Valentine’s day.

Healthy Valentine's Day

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats 

I don’t know where the tradition of handing out tons of sugary candy on Valentine’s day came from, but there are better options to hand out with your Valentine’s day cards.

You could try handing out something really healthy like bananas, apples, or mandarin oranges!

If you still want to stick with the candy theme, but would like to try handing out something a little better for you then you can give chocolate covered strawberries or dark chocolate squares with your Valentine’s day cards!

Valentine Favors

Instead of using candy you can give out inexpensive favors with your Valentine’s Day cards. Most of your parent friends will probably appreciate this more than sending their child home with a bunch of candy anyways!

  • Ideas for small favors are things like:
  • Valentine’s Day themed pencils
  • Lip Gloss (a bonus if you can find it in a heart shaped container!)
  • Chapstick
  • Valentine’s Day themed stickers

You can even make small party favor bags and fill them with popcorn. Then use a ribbon to tie the bag shut and attach your FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!!

Dont’t forget to grab your FREE Star Wars inspired Valentine’s Day card printable’s below!

Download these FREE Printable Star Wars inspired Valentine's Day Cards!

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