How to Survive the Holiday Blues

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Clean up on Aisle 7…for my holiday blues tears. The holidays can be tough y’all!

Family strife and issues seem to be magnified around this time of year because it’s generally a time for families to come together and show love.

This isn’t always the case.

Many families struggle and have strained relationships on top of blended family logistics. Mine is no exception.

As I rushed down each aisle of Kroger for last minute ingredients, I received a call. You know the one you dread answering because you know it will be an array of emotions. I answered against my better judgement to wait. We recently went through a major family change and I needed to take the call.

As expected, emotions arose and I began sobbing in the freezer section of the very crowded store. I hung up the phone and cried uncontrollably. You know the ugly cry. People were staring at this point. I tried to gain my composure but was overwhelmed and pulled my cart into a corner and pretended to check the sack of potatoes making its way off my cart bottom rack.

After what seemed liked an eternity I managed to pull back the tears and made a b-line for the check out line.

It was long.

Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes and slowly came to a halt. The cashier wasn’t sure how to greet me so she asked if I had a Kroger card. LOL

I told her yes, swiped my card, and helped place bags into my cart.

Are you going through struggles right now?

5 Ways to Handle the Holiday Blues

  1. Take time for SELF CARE – If you’re not ok you can’t be there for anyone else. Even taking a warm bath in espsom salts can help.
  2. Make a list of things you’re THANKFUL for – Gratitude leads to a positive attitude. Count things going WELL in your life.
  3. Find someone to CONNECT with – Someone you trust to listen and give support.
  4. Avoid “traditional”  EXPECTATIONS of the holidays – Avoid added stress by expecting your holiday to look like that on T.V.  This adds to emotions and causes more grief.
  5. Set HEALTHY BOUNDARIES – It’s ok to say no to help or anything for that matter. Do what you can do in a way that doesn’t take from other areas of your health for an enjoyable holiday season.

Taking care of yourself and staying healthy through family problem or while grieving is so important. I share some things I’ve done to help during my time of grief this year here:

5 Ways To Stay Healthy After the Loss of a Loved One

How to Stay Healthy with Grief after Death of a Loved One

Please remember to pray for those struggling with relationships, loss, depression, divorce, or the holiday blues. You never know what people are facing and the struggle behind the smile.


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