Hopeful Homesteader

Homestead. The very word creates a gorgeous vision of a quaint farmhouse among golden crops, gardens as far as the eye can see, roaming cattle and chickens laying eggs in every shape, color, and size. Then…I open my eyes and I’m right smack dab in the middle of my suburban home overlooking a golf course. Reality sets in and I take another deep sigh as I realize I’m no Pioneer Woman (LOVE her by the way!). My overzealous plans for canning everything under the sun this year and reliving the Little House on the Prairie days have failed once again.

But then I think about the ways I AM a homesteader even in my not so country locale and what I do as a mom NOW for my little family.

1. I don’t have my own bees but I’ve found a local man with the best honey straight from the hive and always have a handshake and a smile with each delectable order.
2. I buy eggs from a friend who brings them to my house in between our children’s activities and other errands. Next best thing to having my own.
3. We started a small vegetable and herb garden.
4. We learned to sew and girls can make clothes for their dolls also.
5. We use certified therapeutic grade essential oils as our first line of defense for illness. Be sure to read the label and verify they’re pure and cold-pressed.
If you’re a suburban or urban mom and want to live a more self-sufficient life but are discouraged due to your lack of land or skill, I encourage you to go online, or better yet, reach out to someone in your community who has skills to pass on to you! You’d be surprised at what is available to you when you put in some searching time and a little elbow grease.
• Visit your local farmer’s markets, ask questions and make connections. They usually know other people who offer items you may be looking to buy. A great site to find one near you is www.localharvest.org.
• Join a food co-op. You’re skipping the middle man (store) and getting your food closet to its picking date and less travel time. Supporting local farmers is an added bonus. Rawfully Organic is in Houston and now delivers to your door! Woohoo!
• Learn a new skill WITH your children and make it fun. Every step you take to become self-sufficient gives you confidence and usually saves money! Another added bonus!
• Think outside the box for ways to use food in a different way to create more than one meal or yummy leftovers. Canning is great to preserve and even big box stores carry supplies now.
So, suburban/urban homesteadin’ housewives unite and get you CAN on!

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