Kanthaka App: Fit in Fitness with a Busy Schedule

Is fitting in fitness with a busy schedule a struggle for you?

As a wife, mom of three, and entrepreneur I can relate with the struggle to fit fitness in your week. I love my gym and classes but life happens and trips to the gym aren’t always possible.

Reasons you may not make it to the gym:

  • Little kids at home – can be difficult just to make it out the door
  • Schedule – Classes aren’t scheduled at convenient time
  • Preference – You want to work out alone
  • Commitment – You don’t want to commit to a monthly fee
  • Custom – You want a workout customized to your needs

This is where the KANTTHAKA App comes into play!

Think of it as your own personal fitness concierge service. You enter in date and time you’d like to workout and it gives you options of available trainers/instructors in your area.


I SO needed this when I had three girls under 5!

The process is easy.

  • Download the KANTHAKA app: can grab it here
  • CREATE A PROFILE. This allows them to know your goals so they can tailor the workout that right for YOU!
  • Choose PLAN. The KANTHAKA app allows you to book a one-time session or monthly package. Great thing about the app is you only commit to length you’re comfortable with! Try it out if you like and then upgrade to monthly once you see you’re booking it often. LOVE THE FLEXIBILITY!
  • Choose TIME AND PLACE – This is awesome! YOU are in control of where you’ll work out. Your home, hotel fitness area, apartment gym, a park, office, etc. Makes it so convenient for you and your schedule. Fitting in Fitness into your lifestyle.


I decided to meet at my home since I live a ways from most places and it cut down on drive time and I could right up until the trainer arrived and workout began! Make it easiest on you and you’ll more likely to succeed and stick with it.

  • Select WORKOUT – It gives you the option to choose Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, or Trainer to experience the workout you’re wanting to have that day. Are you just now getting back into working out and want a YOGA session to stretch? Or feel like working up a sweat and boxing it out? It’s up to you!

  • Select TRAINER – The app has filters enabling you to find the trainer suitable for you and your goal. I chose DANIELLE DOOLEY and a training session.She was professional and I got a workout that challenged me at my level of fitness. We used minimal equipment and were able to workout using my couch, chair, and Lululemon bag! She was professional and I got a workout that challenged me at my level of fitness.  See our workout on my IG here

  • Enter PAYMENT – Once you set up payment, date is booked, and you’re ready to get your fit on!
  • Use my code kbetLW and book your first session!

What are you waiting for? Try the KANTHAKA app and if you love it, (I’m sure you will!) you’ve got your next customized workout at your fingertips.

The KANTHAKA app makes it easy to Fit in Fitness even with a busy schedule!





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