Kid-Friendly Make-ahead Meals for Christmas Break

The clock is ticking and before you know it your home will be filled with your excited and hungry kiddos.  I’m sharing a few kid-friendly make-ahead meals you can have for Christmas Break.

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kid-friendly meals for planning and Christmas Break

You likely already have a number of carry in dishes to make, dinners to plan, cookies to bake, and then there are the gifts that still need to be wrapped.

A great way to simplify and streamline is to plan ahead for the breakfast and lunch during the break before get busy and use your freezer as your best friend.  This allows you to have the convenience of “fast food” without the guilt.

Since the kids will likely be overdosing on sugar throughout the holidays, let’s aim for some healthier fare while and pair this with whole foods such as fruits and veggies.

Whole wheat muffins

Find your favorite recipe for some whole wheat muffins, double it, and even include some fruit like blueberries or cranberries.  You can make your muffins up 2-3 weeks in advance and then freeze without sacrificing any of the fresh home baked taste. 

When the kids are home just thaw and serve with some fresh orange juice and you have little clean-up and mess.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Add English muffins, sausage, cheese and eggs to your list and then set aside time to prepare a number of healthy fast food alternatives. 

Toast your English muffins, cook your sausage patties and scramble your eggs.  The easiest way to streamline is to make an assembly line of sorts with a square of aluminum foil under each English muffin, then assemble your breakfast sandwiches, cool and wrap them up. 

Store in a Ziploc freezer bag and when ready simply thaw and heat up for a healthy alternative to the drive-thru.

Pancakes or Waffles

If you don’t have a waffle maker, you can opt to do pancakes.

Our family loves the Kodiak Cakes Protein Flapjack & Waffle Mix.  Simply make your batter and then get busy waffling. 

Once the waffles are cooked and cooled simply layer with wax paper and freeze.  When you are ready to serve you can pop them in the toaster or bake in the oven and then top with fresh fruit for a delicious and healthy breakfast option in no time.

HOPEFULLY your kiddos will sleep in just a bit and you can make a hearty late breakfast and have a healthy snack and then dinner.

Make Ahead Bean and Cheese Burritos

Not to be outdone by breakfast foods be sure to include some fast food lunch options as well.  Refried beans, flour tortillas, and shredded cheese are all you need. 

Once again make a small assembly line with your foil squares and wrap up your freezer burritos.

For a quick lunch thaw and heat burritos and lunch is served.

Freeze the Sandwiches

Did you know both lunchmeat as well as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be frozen and thawed without anyone being the wiser? 

My girls LOVED the store bought ones and when I began my journey I learned to read labels and decided to make our own. It’s healthier and costs much less compared to buying them.

You can do the same with grilled cheese sandwiches by buttering the outside of the bread and leaving layers of waxed paper between the buttered bread, when it is time to make the grilled cheese simply pull the semi-frozen sandwiches off the paper and get to grilling.

My husband makes a mean grilled cheese and we use Dave’s Killer Bread when we can find it and it’s so good!

Soup freezes well

Make a big pot of your favorite soup for dinner and then freeze in individualized portions containers or mason jars for the kid’s break. 

Pair with a sandwich and you have little to no prep time involved but the kids are well fed.

Feeding your hungry kids over the Christmas break doesn’t have to make a mess in the kitchen or take you away from the ever demanding holiday tasks. 

Incorporate some of these kid-friendly make-ahead meals into your Christmas Break and let me know what worked for your family.

I can’t wait to hear!

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