Learning to be Latina: Teach you kids to learn Spanish even when you don’t speak it

how to teach kids spanish

What does being Latina mean to you? I’m still learning what Latina means to ME. I’m trying to teach my kids to learn Spanish even when I don’t speak it fluently myself!

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how to teach kids spanish

I wasn’t raised around my culture so missed a lot of opportunities growing up. I was exposed to Tex/Mex living while visiting family in summers but the majority of my childhood left much to be desired in the Hispanic department.

My dad was Anglo and I was raised mainly around his side of the family and my husband is British so not a lot of Latina action happening around our home either.

There’s no time like the present!

I’m finding books, movies, songs, t.v. shows in Espanol and we’re jumping in and reading, listening, and singing the language.

Here’s a video about being Latina and the struggles we face finding balance.

I can’t change the past but I CAN be the change I want to see in my life and that of my girls.  They asked why I don’t speak Spanish and it’s difficult to explain to them how I was ashamed of being Hispanic and tried to stay under the radar about it.

Making this change will allow my girls to be proud of being Latina and embrace the rich, vibrant culture that comes along with it. I’ve also noticed they’re more likely to learn with me and make mistakes because they see me struggling.

Stumbling through learning a language as a parent is humbling but shows our children adults don’t know everything and never stop learning.

So wherever you are JUST START. It’s never too late.

The girls and I read this book What Can you DO with a paleta and learned about this tasty treat and ate them afterward.

Here’s a video we shared on Facebook about the book:


Are you teaching your kids to speak Spanish and don’t speak it? I’d love to hear more about your journey and any tips you’ve learned.




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