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Are you looking for natural solutions for prevent and treat lice?

I’m making my Christmas list and checking it twice but lice is not on it!

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You’ve feared it since before the first day of school. That dreaded letter from your child’s teacher that someone in the class has lice! EEK!

Two of my daughters had lice 3 days before we left public school to homeschool. NOT the best going away gift!

As a still new mom to public school with a first grader and kindergartner, I was grossed out, mortified, and devastated!

The front office tried to calm me down and assured lice is common and nothing I did or didn’t do caused my girls to get it. It helped a bit but I panicked, went to the store, and bought the toxic solution and doused my girls with it. Over the next few hours I ripped every single piece of bedding, toy, pillow, or fabric anything and throwing them into sealed bags and washing in hot water.

That night was spent with the girls sitting on the floor watching television while I meticulously observed every strand of hair on their head looking for nits.

This was NOT a quick or easy task!

Both girls have long, thick, dark hair. The first time took 4 hours total and we went to bed uneasy and unable to sleep. It didn’t work so I went to a place across town that removes the nits. It costs $300 and one of my daughters had to go back a second time.

A friend told me about product called Fairy Tales that’s natural and smells great. My girls love the smell and I use it along with a drop of peppermint oil diluted with fractionated coconut oil on the nape of their neck each morning to repel the little buggers.
Prevention is the best way and less expensive than treatment! If you already have lice, they have a removal kit as well.

If lice isn’t on your Christmas list this year, remember they don’t take a holiday and remain consistent!

Do you have other natural methods of prevention or treatment you’ve found successful?