A Mom's Mission for her Girls to Love their Curls - Unprocessed Jess

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I partnered with Dove™ Hair for this sponsored post to promote the campaign’s social mission to create a conversation with moms on how & why they should share hair positivity with their daughters.

dove hair love your hair curly

As a little girl I had an ambivalent relationship with my naturally curly hair. Living in Houston, humidity was NOT a friend as it often left my hair a frizzy mess. Perms came in style and for awhile I was OK with it but soon the flat irons were all the rage and I turned my anger once again for “bad hair days” towards my crazy curls.

Being a beauty queen was on my radar since middle school and I knew I’d have to straighten my hair to even stand a chance. I learned all the tricks, straightened my hair, and won!

Even with the crown and sash I didn’t have a good view about my hair or self and constantly searched for the latest way to change my hair texture.

There’s often this image of what “beautiful hair” looks like. Earlier this year, Dove™ Hair found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. For many, these pressures begin at an early age.

Dove™ Hair created the #loveyourhair campaign to encourage moms to be a leader in their daughters’ view on their hair by teaching them to love it just the way it was created.

I made a video for my daughter about her hair with the Dove™ Hair App.

It’s so cute!

Make your own video here. Just take a selfie or find your fave photo of the two of you and upload it, make it own, and share it.


Here’s a picture of my three girls dressing up as “modern” princesses for my youngest daughter’s princess party. As you can see, each girl has different hair.

Dove Hair Love your Curly Hair

My youngest has curly ringlets just like I did as a little girl. Since she was 3, she cried for hair like her big sisters. They have long, thick, dark hair and since hers is so curly it took much longer to grow in length.

We bought her all the Princess wigs in every color so she could brush and style them. I searched for curly hair style ideas and we began playing “dress up” without the wigs and styling her hair. I remind her often how beautiful her hair is and this helped ME change my view on my own lovely locks. I began celebrating them instead of trying to change them.

DOve hair and love your curly hair

I encourage each of my girls to be their own kind of beautiful and have different interests.

DOve hair and love your curly hair

Dove™ Hair believes a positive role model can greatly impact a girl’s confidence. In fact, a recent Dove™ study found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mom. As a mom, you can make a difference and help her feel confident.

DOve hair and love your curly hair

They’re watching you and taking in more than you realize. Your words are being heard. Make them positive, powerful ones!

Celebrate the beauty of your daughter’s hair today–so she loves her hair tomorrow.

Tell her why you love her hair and inspire her to do the same. Don’t forget to share the message by making a video of you and your daughter. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove™.