Start Each Morning with Total Body Stretches

Do you ever feel like just getting out of the bed in the morning is a chore?! Start your day with these Total Body Stretches to wake up your body and your mind!

Stretching your body first thing in the morning increases the blood flow to your muscles that have been still all night. It also increases the blood flow to your brain, making you feel more alert and shake off those morning mental cobwebs.

Want to work out more but don’t think you can? These stretches are gentle and feel great! Who knows?! They might be the beginning of feeling better and moving more!

Wake up with these Morning Total Body Stretches!

Morning Total Body Stretches

Wall Calf Stretch

Stand with hands flat against the wall, arms straight. Take one step back with your right leg, keeping it straight and heel on ground. With a slight bend in left leg, hold for 30 seconds before repeating sides.

Quad Stretch

Stand with feet hip-width apart, back straight, feet parallel. Take your left foot with your left hand, pulling foot in towards glutes. Hold 30 seconds and switch legs. Use a chair or wall for balance.

Shoulder Stretch

Raise arms at your side to shoulder height with palms down. Criss-cross arms in front of you for 10 counts.

Triceps Stretch

Bring one arm behind your head, bending at elbow. With the other hand gently press down on the elbow, hold for 30 seconds and repeat other side.

Butterfly Stretch

Sit upright on the floor with soles of feet pressed together. Place your hands on your ankles, keeping your back flat and head aligned, bend over your thighs, pressing your elbows inside your thighs for the stretch. Stretch only to the point of tension to avoid over stretching. Hold gently for 30 seconds.

Standing Side Stretch

Stand with feet shoulder width apart with arms straight overhead, fingers interlaced and pointer fingers extended. Slowly bend to the right as you exhale, repeating 5 times before you switch sides.

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