My Quinceanera Experience: Texas style

My Quinceanera Experience Texas Style

To say that the Quinceanera experience is a big deal in Texas is an understatement. Everything is bigger here and quinceanera’s are no exception. I grew up in Humble, a suburb of Houston, and surprisingly only went to two “15’s” my entire childhood; one was a friend from school and the other a child of my aunt’s friend.

I wasn’t exposed to much of the Latin culture growing up and never realized how big of a deal quinceanera’s were until they really exploded and I began seeing billboards for expos and shops popping up around Houston.

My cousin’s wife and I were just discussing quinceanera’s last month and the expense and extravagance that goes into planning one and I received an invitation for the daughter of my long-time college friend in the mail the following week!

Part of my journey to Live Less Processed is discovering my Latin culture, learning Spanish, how to prepare traditional foods, listening to Latin artists, etc. It’s interesting how once you open yourself up to learning new things opportunities present themselves.

Being a housewife and mom to three girls I seldom have the chance to dress “fancy”. And although I was excited to see my friend and go to an event, I was clueless about what to wear. My girlfriend told me there will be two celebrities there as well and it was cocktail attire. Holy Guacamole!

My Quinceanera Experience Texas Style ShoesI reached out to Aquila Mendez-Valdez, an awesome blogger at Haute in Texas. She was the first to come to mind for style in San Antonio! She has an Ask A You Tube series on her Haute in Texas channel where she answers questions from readers. I sent her a picture of a dress, shoes and accessories I had in mine and she gave her seal of approval.

I’m a mom and wear mainly activewear and casual but like to dress up when I can and look stylish. A friend once told me that you can never be overdressed in San Antonio! So I wanted to make sure I wasn’t underdressed!

Aye Yi Yi

Stay tuned to see how this “coconut’s” (see about page for explanation of the name) Quinceanera experience: Texas Style turned out.

Have you had or been to a Quinceanera? What was it like? 

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