NT 017: Love your Labia Series: Is this Normal? with Dr. Noel Boyd - Unprocessed Jess

As women, we are self-conscious when it comes to our inner and nether regions – especially its appearance. When having sex with your partner, your confidence is affected because of the worry that your labia is not what they’re supposed to look. But what does a normal vulva and labia look like?

You want to know, but you’re scared or embarrassed to talk about it with your physician.

It takes a lot of courage to be comfortable and ask very personal questions to your gynecologist. 

Asking questions about your health shouldn’t be embarrassing or something to be avoided. In this third episode of the Love Your Labia Series, Dr. Noel Boyd is here to talk about the questions patients should be asking but are too shy to ask.

We’re also going to discuss and address the most asked question when it comes to labia and its appearance – “Is this normal?”

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Common concerns that Dr. Noel observes from her patients
  • Female Orgasm: Is it normal not to climax during intercourse?
  • The flower metaphor in connection to the female reproductive organ
  • Reframing stereotypes around painful sex and childbearing
  • Vaginal discharge: should you be concerned?
  • How douching is messing up your vaginal pH balance 
  • Finding someone you’re comfortable to discuss your personal health worries with

Just as how everyone has a different body shape, skin color, and eye color so is the vagina and vulva. Everybody looks different from head to toe – even our genitalia. 

Love and cherish your labia, vulva, and vagina no matter how it looks, it is created that way for a reason!

Resources mentioned on the episode:

About Dr. Noel Boyd

Dr. Boyd is a native Texan, born in Austin and raised in Houston, growing up in Clear Lake. She graduated from the University of Texas in 1992 with a BA in English-Honors. She then returned to Houston where she received her MD with Honors from Baylor College of Medicine in 1997. She decided a change of scenery was in order and did her residency in Denver, Colorado at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She was in private practice for one year in New York before “coming home” to Kingwood in 2002.

Learn more about her at the Her Healthcare Website



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