NT 027: What the heck's a Yoni or Vaginal Steam? - Unprocessed Jess

So what the heck’s a yoni and vaginal steam? Your guess is as good as mine was so I had to learn more! I heard about a yoni steam from a friend and he raved about them. Kim Bady with Sanctuary Spa in Houston, Texas joins us on Naked Talk with unprocessedjess to talk about yoni steams, womb healing, breathing, and ways to truly care for your body with a new perspective. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Talking with Kim Bady about her journey in health and wellness
  • “Yoni” – Vagina, womb, sacred temple, sacred gateway, etc.
  • Body literacy
  • Practices with yoni steaming
  • Post-partum care
  • Benefits of yoni steams
  • Womb healing
  • Breathing


What’s Next?

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