Let them have cake… Pancakes!

Ok, so since our family took the plunge into MOSTLY non-GMO land, a lot of our normal menu items have been, well, off the menu for our everyday lives. Pancakes are one of those delectable treats! I just haven’t found a healthier alternative that I liked…Until now! Imagine my delight when I turned the corner in my local Target store and caught a glimpse of this:kodiak-cakes

Kodiak cakes.

Hmmm… it sounded wild and full of nature, so I decided to give the box a quick once over. I tried to hold back my enthusiasm as my eyes scrolled down the label. JUST IN CASE.

Then, all of a sudden, woohoo! Natural and non-GMO! SCORE! I’ll take it. No. I’ll take two. Because once my girlfriends see this, they’ll be gone!

The pancakes have 14 grams of protein; 18 if you add milk, and 21 if you add milk and an egg.

Quick, easy, and better than a plain ole’ bowl of cereal.pancakes-e1413304062412

Let me know if you’ve tried these, or what your faves are so I can add them to my list!

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