Quick and Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelet Christmas Gift Craft

Quick and Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelet Christmas Gift Craft

Looking for a quick and easy gift your kids can help you make? Make a DIY Essential Oils bracelet. We love bracelets and use essential oils in our daily lives so this was a no brainer. These bracelets make a great for the teacher, coach, neighbor, or loved one on your gift list. 

We like to give these alone, several to stack, or pair with a chocolate (NON-GMO & Fair trade of course) or a gift card to their favorite store.

A bottle of essential oil can be added to complete the set. 

We’re on a homemade/ crafty roll this year so figured why not keep going?! Girls helped make and deliver Reduced-sugar Cranberry Cherry Sauce to neighbors and ornaments are next on our holiday gift list. 

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Beaded essential oil bracelet DIY craft

As our kids grow older it’s challenging to find DIY crafts they enjoy. My post DIY MOM and ME Journal has another great idea to make together.

I tied the cord at the end for my youngest but the rest she was able to complete on her own.

Beads are small and can be a choking hazard. Any child participating in this should be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

DIY Essential Oil Bracelet 


8 mm beads of your choice

8 mm lava beads

Stretch Magic ( I used 1 mm so it’s a more durable size)



Measuring Tape

Essential Oil of your choice


  1. Measure your wrist. I usually just place the Stretch Magic one and a half times around my wrist or the wrist of person I’m making it for.
  2. Cut at determined length and stretch the cord tightly to avoid stretching later.
  3. Tape one end of cord to your surface. (Some knot the end to keep beads from falling off. Do what is comfortable for you.)
  4.  String beads onto the cord. We used 22 beads for adults bracelets.
  5.  Carefully hold one end while removing your tape and double knot the cord.

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

6. Be sure to pull tightly on the cord for a secure knot then cut the excess as close as possible to the knot.

Quick And Easy DIY Essential Oils Bracelets

Gifts made by you are so special and even better when your children can help. I’d love to hear if you try to make your own essential oils bracelet for a gift. 

Tag me @unprocessedJESS with your creation on IG. 

I originally posted this in 2016 and each teachers still talk about them. Girls ask each year to make some for Christmas or end of year and there’s always a hit for oily and non-oilers alike!

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