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Technology and children seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Almost as if they are born with a USB port and charger attached! Sometimes I wonder if some children have explored the outdoors, in “real-life” or just virtually!

Not ALL Technology is Bad!

Not all technology is bad, much of it we rely on and has helped to create solutions to problems that we have had for hundreds of years. If we want to keep advancing and solve more problems, then our children do need to spend a bit of time with technology and the latest gadgets to keep informed and keep their minds open to new ideas and how to invent new creations.

But… there might be times when children (and even us) need a break from that technology. They need a chance to recharge and gather thoughts again, without the influence of the television, the latest video game craze or the most popular social media app.

I often feel when I’m overloaded I need to take a walk, usually in a park or next to water, preferably by an ocean if there is one nearby. If as an adult, I feel this need, I’m sure children need some sort of “natural” and “unprocessed” break too, maybe even more so than us adults.

I’m not saying to ban all electronics and technology, but find a happy-medium for your family and children that works best. The more you can make it seem like something they need and not a punishment from the electronics, the more they are willing to accept a time of recouping, relaxing and some unprocessed time.

How to Reduce Your Child's Technology Use

Technology Statistics & How You Can Help Your Child Be More Productive

See the staggering numbers about children and techonology on Marriage and Family Today’s article, How Can You Help Your Child Overcome Technology Overload? (scroll to bottom of that page to see the infographic and the statistics!). You will find great ideas on how to help lessen the amount of time your family is spending on electronics and technology.

We’d love to hear from you! What do you do to reduce technology use in your home?

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